Warehouse complex

ISK Memfis function:
2 km from MKAD on Ostashkovskoe highway
36 290 sq.m.

Project description

The project is located in a developed industrial and warehouse zone with the infrastructure intact within the territory of the Mytyshchi satellite town.


The complex benefits from its excellent connection with Moscow: it is located on Ostashkovskoye shosse just 2 km from the Moscow Ring Road and can be easily accessed from either Yaroslavskoye or Dmitrovskoye shosse with relatively low traffic.


A new subway station «Chelobityevo» will be opened within 1 km from the complex in 2018, attracting tenants for both the office and warehouse space.


The office and warehouse complex includes:

• a 3 717 sq. m office building ;

• a 32 573 sq. m warehouse;

• 22 car places for truck parking;

• 95 places for passenger car parking


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