Residential complex “Skolkovo”

ISK Memfis function:
1 June 2015
28 February 2016
Odintsovo district, Zarechye, Moscow region
9 931,6 sq. m. for building 1.1. and 7 186,3 sq.m. for buiding 1.2.

Project description

“Skolkovo” residence design was based on quarter building principle. The principle allows to create a functional and comfortable closed for traffic living space including residential buildings, infrastructure objects, green courtyards and recreational areas. The project developer was inspired by the idea of creating an aesthetically perfect city district, complying with European standards of comfortable living.

Phase 1 implies construction of two 9-storey building, multilevel parking, two kindergartens for 115 and 170 kids.

Construction phase 2 includes 4 residential 9-storey building.
Construction phase 3 includes 14 residential buildings and underground parking lots.



A full range of construction and installation works to support the internal engineering systems: heating, heat
supply, ventilation, smoke removal, pressurized air, water supply, sewerage (household and drain), buildings 1.1
and 1.2.


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