Project design

Architectural and technological solutions

Architectural design Department of the company ISK "Memfis" creates complex architectural projects for civil, residential and commercial purposes.

The company's specialists have developed several projects in Moscow and Moscow region and have experience in collaboration with leading design institutes and organizations:

• NIiPI master plan of Moscow
• NIiPI of Urban planning of the Moscow region

Memfis services in the field of design include the entire cycle of design work - from concept development and calculation of technical and economic efficiency to approvals, the creation of the working documentation and architectural supervision.

We professionally perform the following activities:

1. Architectural design of residential and public buildings and multifunctional centres
2. Implementation of General designer's functions
3. Designing of engineering networks and systems
4. Calculation of economic efficiency
5. Project maintenance during examination and approvals at all stages
6. The preparation of construction documents
7. Design, technological and construction engineering

ISK "Memfis" has licenses to perform all types of design work.