Real estate investments

ISK "Memfis" is a private investment company specialising in real estate development. The company designs and builds residential and commercial real estate properties, both proprietary and those of our partners, develops and manages such property. We operate in Moscow and in the European part of the Russian Federation.


Our company invests into the following market segments using its own capital and employing outside private funds:

• Residential real estate

• Hotels and recreational properties

• Warehousing property and industrial real estate


We ensure the highest quality of construction, high degree of financial transparency, and guaranteed profit for shareholders and investors.


Vertically integrated business structure provides all resources required to conduct highly detailed and thorough expert review of each object within all segments of the real estate market, while our strong business relationships with authorities and financial institutions allow us to deliver large-scale development projects.


Investment portfolio of ISK Memfis includes completed projects which are now stabilized assets, projects in progress, and ongoing projects implemented by the company on behalf of third parties.


Our projects include new residential complexes, hotel complexes after renovation, multifunctional business complexes, warehousing and logistics complexes.


The company currently controls assets worth over RUR 4.5 billion.