General contracting

ISK Memfis provides general contracting services for both full scale residential and industrial construction projects and specialized fields. We act as general contractor for new construction projects, as well as for commercial properties (warehousing facilities, offices, hotels) and residential real estate development projects.


We perceive general contracting as a multifaceted service in the field of construction, which covers a range of organizational and administrative activities. Our clients trust us to manage the project to the full extent, while we take 100% responsibility for each decision made.


General contracting services provided by ISK Memfis cover the following:

- site preparation for construction work planned;

- coordination of subcontractors' actions and supervision of all works at the construction site;

- management of financial aspects of the construction process within the approved budget;

- adherence to quality standards and construction deadlines;

- interaction with the technical supervision authority.


Our company has all necessary permits for design, installation, civil engineering, facade engineering, and other construction works, as well as for reconstruction of buildings, installation and commissioning of utilities and equipment. Moreover, our company has its own technical facilities, resources and infrastructure. A number of jobs listed above are performed by ISK Memfis, while some of the tasks are accomplished with assistance of our long-term partners who are consistently reliable and highly qualified. Activity of subcontractors is always supervised by ISK Memfis.


ISK Memfis' specialists thoroughly analyze each project with the view of finding most appropriate construction solutions, selecting alternative equipment and materials, and using advanced technology in order to reduce construction costs while maintaining high quality and ensuring durability.


Our company has developed and successfully implemented an internal quality assurance system, which makes it considerably easier to work with operating companies while protecting our clients' interests. We never cease to improve our quality standards with regard to new trends and innovative technology in the construction industry, including in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety.

Cast-in-Place construction
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Installation of utilities and equipment
Fit out
Landscaping and land Improvement
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