On the building site of ZhK
In the territory of the Petrovsky Quarter complex in Moose and Petrovsky the curbstone device is in full complete, laying of stone blocks is executed.
12 Jul 2018
On the building site of ZhK "Petrovsky Quarter" in Moose and Petrovsky. the contour of the house is closed, heating is started.
10 May 2018
Completion of internal communication and roof of ZhK
On the building site of ZhK "Petrovsky Quarter" in Moose and Petrovsky mounting works of a ventfasad are completed.
15 Feb 2018
On the building site of ZhK
Laying of a front tile continues.
25 Sep 2017
The construction of networks of external electricity supply to the 3 corps LCD
Preparations for the construction of the third corps residential quarter " Petrovsky kvartal" conducted.
23 Sep 2017
Finishing work in 2 and 3 sections 2 of
In parallel with the construction of the frame first section of the second housing LCD finishing work in the second and third sections of the second building, "Petrovsky quarter" began.
12 Sep 2017
Construction of the roof is completed in the kindergarten «River Park»
Installation of the roof is completed on the project, the device of the lower and upper layers of the roofing carpet is finished, the insulation layer is made.
Asphalt road appeared in
Now a residential complex became more similar to the neat cottage village in Germany, cozy and comfortable.
05 Sep 2017
Facade work in the kindergarten in the urban quarter of
Kindergarten in the city quarter of "River Park" can already be found in the bright bloom of the facade, which according to the colour passport combines classic white with bright green, blue and pink flowers.
10 Aug 2017
The work of waterproofing of the roof are held in the kindergarten GK
On the roof of the five "petals" of the building are works on the construction of the lower and upper roof carpet.