DOW residential complex

ISK Memfis function:
General contractor
MOSCOW, CAO, Street UPPER, 34 Possession
5 400 КВ. М

Project description

Within implementation of the project of ZhK "Saturday" on Belarusian LLC Memfis Konstrakshn performs function of the general contractor on construction of three-storyed education center which part will be the block of initial classes on 200 pupils and kindergarten on 90 places for children of different age. Within improvement in the territory there will be pedestrian zones, equip sports grounds with racetracks and also group platforms for preschool children and initial classes. In the project the possibility of movement of the handicapped groups of the population (HGP) is considered. All entrances and exits for MGN to the building of education center are brought to a mark of planning of the adjacent territory, excepting the device of ramps and facilitating access to the building. In kindergarten besides group cells also gymnasiums and also rooms for behavior of kruzhkovy occupations are designed musical. Together with educational offices in BNK special game rooms with bedrooms, assembly and sports halls, library with a media library will be located

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