About us

ISK «Memfis» group of companies works in commercial and residential real estate investment and construction management since 2006.

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With an expertise in a broad range of real estate disciplines, including concept design, analytics, structured finance, investment, development, construction and asset management, ISK “Memfis” focuses on development and investment opportunities both in Moscow and Moscow region and has acquired, owned, developed and operated properties across many asset classes, including residential, office and warehouse real estate.

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We have successfully completed a number of commercial and residential real estate projects both by ourselves and in joint ventures. Our successful track record in development, investment, construction and design has allowed us to gather an experienced management team.


Real estate investments
ISK «Memphis» is an investment company managing assets worth in excess of over 4,5 billion rubles. We work with largest Russian banks and investment funds which provides a stable and sustainable growth for the company. Our investment portfolio has been continuously growing.

• We invest our own funds
• We attract joint investments
• We manage assets
Development and customer service

ISK "Memfis" is a full cycle development company. We design a project, invest into it and perform sales, managing the project at its every single stage. Having our own construction company gives us a measure of flexibility in contracting, not usually attainable with other contractors, through competitive bidding and provides for maximum control over development projects and costs. We create financially effective real estate projects, each based on a set of smart solutions and a thoroughly designed urban development concept. Our experts posses the necessary knowledge and experience to obtain necessary approvals before launching to make sure the project can be initiated.
General contracting

We consider general contracting a a diversified service in the area of construction works which includes a whole complex of organizational and management activities. The customer entrusts us full control over the object and we bare a 100 percent responsibility for each decision. Having our own construction company gives us several advantages as ensuring a consistently high standard of construction work without having to pay for full-time inspection. We understand that each customer is unique and has specific goals. Our flexible approach towards pricing allows us to grow our business in such a highly competitive market environment as construction.

Our projects feature high quality construction with the most advanced engineering and new building technologies. The company engages the best consultants, architects and engineers to perform development of functional concepts and design. Our main goal is always to create the most comfortable and multifunctional space for living, work or leisure.

With quite confidence, we can state that our facilities may serve as a standard of good quality and an example of innovative urban development for other companies.

За годы работы мы как

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We pay great attention to compliance with the values of our company at the stage of selecting staff. It is important that people who work with us were energetic, proactive, experienced and passionate.